Personal Training for Rehabilitation

If an injury or a condition that has stopped you in your path our personal trainers can help. We are experienced in working with different conditions providing knowledge and motivation to help you achieve your goals!

Our Wide Range of Facilities and Equipment for Rehabilitation

You are welcome monitor your own progress or work with our trainers, one on one, on a regular basis.

 We have a wide range of equipment and facilities that can help your rehabilitation, including low impact walkers, Cross Trainers, upright and armchair bikes to help build your fitness levels up.

 Natural Mineral Water Hydrotherapy Pool and Spa so you can exercise your muscles and fitness level with no weight on your joints.

 Along with our extensive range of specialised gym equipment to strengthen your muscles, we also offer a range of group exercise classes including Aquarobics

We Consult with Your Physician

If you have been working with a Medical Specialist, whether it is a Physiotherapist, Cardiologist, or your General GP we are able to liaise with them on your exercise program and progress.

 We can also process your WorkCover claim, If your insurance company has approved your gym membership as part of your treatment, we can process all the paperwork for you.